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. in transit .

constantly moving

Will ∞
I'm a 29 year old queer Transguy.
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altered books, alternative healing, alternative medicine, anything kinky, art, bicycle commuting, bicycles, birds, blogging, blunts, book arts, book collecting, book design, bookbinding, books, boys, cats, challenging the status quo, cinema, co-ops, complementary medicine, composting, cruelty free, crushes, diversity, diy, dogs, drawing, drinking tea, earth, ecology, elliott smith, energy work, environment, environmentalism, espresso, essential oils, feminism, film studies, finland, forests, fruit, ftm, fucking, garage sales, gardening, gay sex, genderfuck, genderqueer, guitar, hating harry potter, healing, herbal healing, herbal medicine, herbal remedies, herbology, home remedies, homeopathy, homoerotic art, hoodies, house plants, illustrating, journaling, kids, lake superior, marijuana, medicinal herbs, mind-blowing sex, minneapolis, moon cycles, music, music therapy, natural healing, natural medicine, natural remedies, nature, naturopathy, nestle boycott, off grid living, old farm houses, older men, organic gardening, organic living, painting, peace, perverts, pescetarian, photography, piercings, pride, queer comics, queerness, rainstorms, reading, recycling, reiki, road trips, robert rauschenberg, saint cloud, sarcasm, scsu, sculptures, self-publication, sex, sexuality, simplicity, sociology, solar energy, st. paul, storms, straw bale construction, stress management, sustainability, swearing, swimming, tattoos, tents, the beach, the great lakes, the milwaukee brewers, the moon, the twin cities, thrift shops, thunderstorms, tmnt, tom of finland, transfolk, transition, transmen, two wheels, vegetarianism, video games, voluntary simplicity, wildcrafting, wine, winning, word origins